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January 11, 2019

GB WhatsApp Setting In Hindi |GB WhatsApp 2019 settings| GB WhatsApp 2019

GB WhatsApp Setting In Hindi | GB WhatsApp 2019 settings| GB WhatsApp 2019

हेल्लो दोस्तों आपका स्वागत हे. में आज आपको बताने वाला हु कुछ GB WhatsApp BASIC & ADVANCE सेटिंग जो एक व्हत्सप्प यूजर को मालूम होना जरुरी हे. दोस्तों आज में आपको GB WhatsApp की settings बताने वाला हु जो आपको हेल्प करेगी आपके GB WhatsApp को आसान करने में.

Topic Cover In This Post -

GB WhatsApp setting.
Top secret GB WhatsApp setting.
GB WhatsApp tips and tricks.
GB WhatsApp ke New features.
GB WhatsApp settings in Hindi

1.Auto Reply Massage.
दोस्तों ये GB WhatsApp की बहुत इम्पोर्टेन्ट सेटिंग हे.WhatsApp के  60% यूज़र्स इसी आप्शन की वजह से GB WhatsApp यूज़ करते हे.
इस सेटिंग ला उपयोग आप ऑटो रिप्लाई देने के लिए कर सकते हे. याने आपको massage लिखके सेव करना होगा तो वो massage सेट किये हुए टाइम पर सबको सेंड हो जायेगा. ये बहुत बेहतरीन आप्शन हे जीबी व्हाट्सअप का.

For example - मेने यहपे आपको दिखने के लिए एक massage टाइप किया हे GOOD MORNING जो हकर दिन सुबह 6 बजे सबको सेंड होगा इस तरह ऐ आप इस AUTO REPLAY MASSAGE का यूज़ कर सकते हे.

दोस्तों ये लॉक वाला आप्शन हे उनके लिए जो अपने Chat या अपने massage को पर्सनल रखना चाहते हे.अगर आप अपने व्हाट्सअप को लॉक रखना चाहते हो तो आपको इसे Enable करना होगा और अपना लॉक सेट करना होगा.

Step by step process to lock your WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp lock

इस तरह से आप लॉक सेट कर सकते हो.

3. Other MODS
दोस्तों ये GB WhatsApp का सबसे इम्पोर्टेन्ट ऑप्शन हे और इसका उपयोग GB WhatsApp में सबसे ज्यादा होता हे. तो हम अब देखते हे की हम इसका यूज़ कैसे कर सकते हो.
इसके लिए आपको सिंपल से others mods में जाना हे. और उसके बाद यहापे आप मल्टीप्ल सेटिंग्स कर सकते हो.

Others mode settings
4. Launcher Icon.
ये सिंपल सा सीधा साधा ऑप्शन हे जिसमे आप व्हाट्सअप का आइकॉन चेंज कर सकते हो. याने की आप आइकॉन स्टाइल बदल सकते हो.

For Example

5.Ticks Style
ये भी GB WhatsApp का पॉप्युलर फीचर हे जिसमे आप Massage के टिक्स स्टाइल को बदल सकते हो.
मेने उदहारण के लिए मेंने कुछ स्क्रीनशॉट दिए हे.

6. Language -
दोस्तों ये भी GB WhatsApp का सिंपल ऑप्शन हे जिसमे आप व्हाट्सअप एप्प की भाषा याने language बदल सकते हो.यहापे आपको 7 language के ऑप्शन मिलते हे. जेसे की

7.DND Mode -
दोस्तों ये फीचर काफी कमाल का हे क्योंकि ये same aeroplane मोड जेसे वर्क करता हे. अगर आप ये स्टार्ट करोगे तो आप एक भी messages भेज या पा नहीं सकते जब तक आप इसे बंद नहीं कर देत.
मेने निचे स्क्रीनशॉट शेयर किया हे इस सेटिंग का.

GB WhatsApp  में ऐसे बहुत सारे फीचर्स हे जिसका आप उसे कर सकते हे जिनके मेने निचे स्क्रीनशॉट दे रखे हे.

सो दोस्तो फाइनली मेने aapko GB WhatsApp के कुछ सेटिंग बता दिए हे. अगर आपको कोई भी समस्या हे तो आप हमें comment करे हम आपको जवाब जरूर देंगे.
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December 07, 2018

Computer Virus - Types and their indication 10 dangerous virus

Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with normal computer operation.
Most viruses work silently making sure that the user is unaware of the infection. It spreads from program to program and disk to disk, manipulating and damaging valuable information or data. After the virus code is written, it is attached within an existing programs. Once that program is executed, the virus code is activated. It attached its copies to another program and files In the system. Infected program copy the virus to other programs. The effect of virus may be easy such as sudden display of massage or may be serious.
Most viruses are created for sheer fun. Such as, on a certain day of the month, hearing a clicking sounds every time press a key. But some viruses are written for hateful motives like financial or professional Gaines or spreading panic and terror.
Mostly, internet and pirated software are biggest source of virus. The number of viruses is increasing day by day.

Computer virus types and their indication
Virus and their types

Types of viruses :-

There are many kinds of viruses. The level of destruction by each virus varies widely.

BOOT Sector Virus :-

Boot sector virus inflects the floppy disks or hard disks. It replace the boot record program, which is responsible for loading the operating system in memory, copying it elsewhere on the disk or overwritten it.

Program Virus :-

A Program virus inflects executable program files. When the infected file is executed, the virus becomes active in the memory, making copies of it and infecting files or disk.

Macro virus :-

A micro virus infects data files which are access more frequently by the computer users. The infected data files can be spread the virus very quickly. Such viruses overwrite each file they infect and completely destroy the data in the files. Macro viruses is written by using the macro programming languages like VBA, which is a feature of MS office package.

√  Multipartite Virus :-

A multipartite virus is a computer virus that infects and spread in multiple ways. It attacks both the boot sector and the program files at the same time.

Polymorphic Virus :- 

A Polymorphic virus changes its virus signature every time it replicate and infects a new file in an order to keep from being detected by an antivirus program.

Trojan :- 

A Trojan is a program that hides its true intention. It is a destructive program disguised as a game, application or utility. When it is activated, it causes damage although appearing to be useful. Trojans are encounter as emails attachments with tempting names that are prompt people to open them.

Worms :- 

Worm's are more complicated viruses that automatically send themselves to another computer over a network, without any human interaction or assistance. Worms take control of certain software programs on a computer to spread to others computers. Worms can affect data files as well as application files.

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Malware :- 

Malware or malicious software are programs or application which get installed on your computer system without your permission and are designed to penetrate or damage our computer system.
There are two types of Malware

1. Spyware

Programs enter a computer system as a part of useful software. Spy ware monitor the activities going on in your computer and can send this information through the network this information can be misused to Gian control of your computer system remotely or to access information stored in your computer.

2. Adware :-

Adware program usually unwanted pop-up advertising a particular product or install unnecessary application o. Tour computer system that can reduce tour computer productivity and efficiency.

File deleting viruses :- 

A File deleting Virus is design to delete critical files which are the part of Operating System or data files.

Retro Virus :-

Retro virus is another type virus tries to attack and disabled the antivirus application running on the computers.

*Indication of virus infection :-

Viruses may cause a lot of  to computers NAD network by different ways. Some indication of virus infection are :
1. Program takes more time than usual time to loads in the memory.
2. A hard disks shows no space though there is enough space.
3. The file formats are automatically changed.
4. New files keep appearing on the system but we do not know where they come from.
5. The files on the computer automatically deleted.
6. File an have strange names that we do not recognize.
7. The computer frequently stops responding.
So finally these are some viruses and their types
And I also tell you theirs indications.
If you want more information then comments pls and share this information with your friends to help them and stay safe.
Good day.

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December 05, 2018

DOS command- and their uses- step by step

DOS is known as Disk Operating System. It is single user operating system. The main function of DOS is to manage disk files, allocate system resources according to requirement. DOS contain commands. DOS uses a command line which allows the user to type commands. When the command are entered by users DOS translate the command in the format that is understand by computer and instruct computer to work accordingly. DOS was first operating system which is used by IBM- completable computers.
DOS Commands :

DOS command and their uses
DOS command


1. Copy :

COPY command is used to copy one or more files to another location.
Syntax : copy source_filename destination_filename
e.g. C>copy c:xyz.c a:
copies the file 'xyz.c' from the C drive to the A drive and gives it the same name.
First file specified after the COPY command is the source file. The second is the target file. The source is the to be copied. The target will be the location and name of the new. If the file name and extension are omitted after the Target's drive specifications, the new file will haveexactly the same name as the source file.

2. Del : Del command is used to delete file.

Syntax :-  del filename
e.g.      √ del a*.*
           Delete all files that start with letter a.
   √  del *a.doc
Delete all files that end with letters a and with extension .doc

3. Ren :

              Ren command is used to change the name of files or directories.
e.g.   √  Ren c:\myfile.c.     c:\yourfile.c
   Above command rename filename myfile.c to your file.c
       √ Ren  c:\audio 1 audio 2
Above command rename folder name audio 1 to audio 2

4. Md : Md command is used to make directory.

          √  Md c:\imortanant_files
    Above command create folders at c: with name important_files

5. Rd :

   Rd command is used to removed directory's which are empty.
           √ Rd c:\my_dat\ my_files
        Remove directory my-files if it is empty.

6. Erase :

                   Erase command is used to remove files from your computer's hard drive.
√  erase c:\my_data \*.txt
    Delete any files in my_data directory that have extension .txt

7.  Dir : c:/> dir commands is used to display name of file, date and time created in the drive or folder.


8. Mkdir : 

                  For making new directory or folder c:/>mkdir mayur press Entre.
    Mayur  folder is created

9. Date and time :

Which display current date and time.
So that are some most important DOS commands which is popular and used by millions people's

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December 04, 2018

Hacker- types of Hacker and step by step information

Hello friends today we read about a HACKER. we also read types hackers and some usefull tips also to stay safe from hacker's


Hacker types of hacker and step by step information

A Hacker is usually a skilled programmer proficient in several programming language's. With the growth of computer network's, the number of hacker has also increased. There are hacker who's aim to breach the security of remote computer system's, such as those owned by banks or government agencies. Hacker can also spread panic and terror by gaining control of computer system. A hacker required just a personal computer and modem to indulge in such undesirable activities.

Type of hackers -

  √ White Hat Hackers

White Hat hackers are also known as Ethical Hackers. They never intent to harm a system, rather they try to find out weaknesses in a computer or a network system as a part of penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
Ethical hacking is not illegal and it is one of the demanding jobs available in the IT industry. There are numerous companies that hire ethical hackers for penetration testing and vulnerability assessm

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat hackers, also known as crackers, are those who hack in order to gain unauthorized access to a system and harm its operations or steal sensitive information.
Black Hat hacking is always illegal because of its bad intent which includes stealing corporate data, violating privacy, damaging the system, blocking network communication, etc.

Grey Hat Hackers

Grey hat hackers are a blend of both black hat and white hat hackers. They act without malicious intent but for their fun, they exploit a security weakness in a computer system or network without the owner’s permission or knowledge.
Their intent is to bring the weakness to the attention of the owners and getting appreciation or a little bounty from the owners.

Red Hat Hackers

Red hat hackers are again a blend of both black hat and white hat hackers. They are usually on the level of hacking government agencies, top-secret information hubs, and generally anything that falls under the category of sensitive information.

Blue Hat Hackers

A blue hat hacker is someone outside computer security consulting firms who is used to bug-test a system prior to its launch. They look for loopholes that can be exploited and try to close these gaps. Microsoft also uses the term BlueHat to represent a series of security briefing events.

Elite Hackers

This is a social status among hackers, which is used to describe the most skilled. Newly discovered exploits will circulate among these hackers.

  √ Script Kiddie

A script kiddie is a non-expert who breaks into computer systems by using pre-packaged automated tools written by others, usually with little understanding of the underlying concept, hence the term Kiddie.

  √ Neophyte

A neophyte, "n00b", or "newbie" or "Green Hat Hacker" is someone who is new to hacking or phreaking and has almost no knowledge or experience of the workings of technology and hacking.


A hacktivist is a hacker who utilizes technology to announce a social, ideological, religious, or political message. In general, most hacktivism involves website defacement or denial of a service attacks.

Purpose of Hacking

At compliance
be various positive and negative intentions behind performing hacking activities. Here is a list of some probable reasons why people indulge in hacking activities −
√ Just for fun
√ Shows off
√ Steal important information
√ Damaging the system
√ Hampering privacy
√ Money extortion
√ System security testing
√ To break policy compliance

Steps to Ensure Safety :

√ Install an antivirus program and  make sure that you keep it update.
√ Scan your computer regularly.
√ Use software from trusted sources. Scan new software program's for viruses before installing them.
√ Do not open e-mail attachments without scanning them.
√ Scan files download from the Internet or those transfer through a network or removable disks.
√ Install a firewall to filter the incoming and outgoing message.
√ Never use pirated software.
√ Backup your files in a separate locations.